Private Client Services

What We Do

Our goal is to tailor your portfolio(s) to your needs, prioritizing your risk preferences and timelines, by allocating your assets to serve these primary objectives. 

Each client’s account is individually managed by a portfolio manager dedicated to a rewarding experience for the client. We start  with identifying your timelines (or time horizons), long-term goals, objectives, cash flow needs, and funding resources. Once this information is gathered, we provide a written portfolio analysis and personalized investment strategy recommendation.

Upon agreement of the investment strategy recommendation we provide a written Statement of Investment Guidelines and Objectives, which sets a target asset allocation as well as permissible ranges around those targets. This approach allows for tactical adjustments in the face of changing economic conditions, risks, and the flow of assets between market sectors, while at the same time maintaining a desired long-term portfolio allocation.

We are dedicated to providing you with excellent service. We will meet regularly with you to review your personal situation and share our purview of the capital markets and other important developments related to your portfolio. Our goal is to be available to our clients whenever needed;  as such we make our team available by phone, email, and face-to-face meetings to accommodate your busy schedule.

Contact us today to set up an introductory meeting and see how we can help you achieve your personal financial goals.