Investment Consulting

Maximizing investments over time

When it comes to investments, our approach is to design strategies that maximize your employee outcomes while managing your fiduciary risk.

It’s not just about investment performance in the short-term, but how consistently your portfolio  performs over time. 

We can help you achieve an investment offering that is appropriate for the long-term (retirement) objectives of your company. 

Investment Policy Design

We’ll help you design an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that outlines your investment goals and the criteria we use when we select and monitor your investments. 

Investment Menu Development

Our objective is to provide a range of options (passive, active, and asset allocation strategies) that are compatible with employee demographics, covering the risk/return spectrum, to ultimately enhance investment opportunity, manage risk, and reduce exposure to fiduciary liability.

Investment Monitoring

    • We utilize a variety of investment reporting systems and databases to screen and monitor your options. 

    • We continuously look at each investment in each asset class, focusing on the unique characteristics of performance, with each criteria being compared to specific benchmarks and peer groups.

    • We are in close contact with each plan’s investment managers to better understand the investments’ objectives and strategies outside of our reporting systems.

Are you confident that you have the most appropriate investment menu for your needs? Contact us today to be sure. 

Target Date Fund Analysis

TDFs are commonly used as the QDIA or the “Qualified Default Investment Alternative” option for participants who do not elect an investment. As such, they are growing in popularity and in percentages of total retirement assets. 

    • A TDF is an age-based investment option that is essentially  a fund comprised of funds, allocated based on the year one reaches the retirement age of 65. In other words, the investment automatically becomes more conservative as you approach retirement age. 
    • We provide in-depth analysis of the different TDF solutions available to your plan and make sure you’re offering the most appropriate one for your employee base. 

Are you offering a TDF or similar asset allocation solution and confident in its long-term strategies? Contact us to get a full analysis.