Fiduciary & Co-Fiduciary

We’ll help you go from overwhelmed and anxious to clarity and control over your fiduciary responsibilities.

Our NWK Retirement Advisors division provides fiduciary (3(38)) and co-fiduciary (3(21)) services dedicated to helping your organization maintain best practices when it comes to your financial planning, retirement benefits, and investment strategies. 

Our primary goal is to help you feel confident in meeting your fiduciary obligations, through a process that clearly articulates each of your objectives and provides for practical strategies and management plans.

As full or co-fiduciaries, we sit on the same side of the table as you and share the same responsibilities and liabilities. Therefore, we feel it’s important that we advise you on sound fiduciary practices in nearly all aspects of qualified and non-qualified benefit plans, including plan design, fiduciary oversight, vendor search, participant education, and IRS and ERISA compliance. 

Additionally, we monitor investments to help meet fiduciary obligations and to improve upon your plan’s benefit to your employees and their beneficiaries. 

What is the difference between (3(38) and (3(21)? 

Simply put, as a full fiduciary or (3(38), we “do it for you” by selecting and monitoring your plan’s investments on your behalf behind the scenes, and then provide you periodic updates. 

As a co-fiduciary or (3(21), we work with you in selecting and monitoring your plan’s investments, providing and discussing our recommendations together with you.

Which one is right for you? Give us a call to discuss.

Learn More About Your Fiduciary  Responsibilities

Learn More About Your Fiduciary  Responsibilities

Download the complimentary guide, created by FI360: Self-Assessment of Fiduciary Excellence for Investment Stewards.

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