Portfolio Management

At NWK Group, we strive to ensure clients’ investments are properly diversified with an active portfolio management strategy. Diversification (dividing assets among different asset classes) has been cited as one of the best long-term investment strategies for any market environment. The client’s investment objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance will drive their asset allocation and help determine the right balance for them. We believe that focused, active management of equities may produce attractive long-term returns (learn more about our investment and equities philosophy here) and we utilize a process that reflects this.

Our Process

We understand that asset allocation - the mix of stocks, bonds, and cash held by an investor - explains the majority of investment returns’ variability over time. We use asset allocation as a framework to construct investment portfolios that reflects clients’ individual risk preferences and their expected investment time horizons.

We tailor all accounts to the client's needs and objectives and the accounts are individually managed by a portfolio manager dedicated to the relationship. The client relationship starts with identifying the client’s time horizon, long-term goals, objectives, cash flow needs and funding resources. Once this information is gathered, we provide a written portfolio analysis and personalized investment strategy recommendation.

Upon agreement of the investment strategy recommendation we provide a written Statement of Investment Guidelines and Objectives, which sets a target asset allocation as well as permissible ranges around those targets. This approach allows for tactical adjustments in the face of changing economic conditions, risks, and the flow of assets between market sectors, while at the same time generally maintaining a desired long-term portfolio allocation.

We take pride in our high level service. On an ongoing basis we regularly meet with clients to review their personal situation and share our views of the capital markets and other important developments related to their portfolio. Our goal is to be available to our clients when needed and we make our team available by phone, email, and face-to-face meetings to accommodate their busy schedules.

Investment Policy Committee

Our investment capabilities are supported by our Investment Policy Committee (IPC), a group that has several decades of investing experience. The IPC oversees our investment process, including asset allocation, portfolio construction, security selection, tax management, portfolio monitoring and rebalancing, and trade oversight. Together, our team of advisors and the IPC work together to provide our clients a service model tailored to their unique needs and goals.