Institutional Services

For Qualified and Non-Qualified Plans

At NWK Group, we work with corporate and nonprofit institutions in San Francisco and the greater northern California area, providing unbiased advice and objective guidance tailored to meet their goals. Our team advises institutional investors on sound fiduciary practices in nearly all aspects of qualified and non-qualified benefit plans, including plan design, fiduciary oversight, vendor search, participant education, and IRS and ERISA compliance. Additionally, we monitor investments to help meet fiduciary obligations and to improve long-term returns for participants. 

We offer sponsors of defined contribution plans a comprehensive array of customized services that are designed to assist and enhance the fiduciary oversight of their employee retirement plans. Through a process that clearly articulates each objective, we strive to help the plan sponsor feel confident in meeting their fiduciary obligations. 

We offer the following services to qualified retirement plan sponsors: 

Investment Advisory Services

  • Co-Fiduciary 
  • Plan-Level Advice 
  • Investment Policy Design 
  • Investment Menu Development 
  • Ongoing Investment Due Diligence 

Provider Analysis

  • Vendor Analysis, Benchmarking, and Scoring 
  • Plan Administration and Investment Cost Comparison 
  • Overall Recommendation and Ongoing Due Diligence 

Retirement Planning

  • Annual Financial Review & Planning 
  • Allocation and Investment Recommendations 
  • Continuous Goal Monitoring & Evaluation 

Participant Education and Advice

  • One-On-One and Group Enrollment Meetings 
  • Investment Education Seminars 
  • Participant Planning Website 

Nonqualified Advisory Services 

  • Nonqualified Deferred Compensation 
  • Cost & Performance Comparison 

Defined Benefits Services 

  • Pension Strategy 
  • Funding Strategy 
  • Trustee Support 
  • Design, Implementation, Operation, and Communication of Retirement Plans 
  • Diversified Investments 
  • Asset Allocation Schedules 

For Endowments and Foundations

We understand that the primary goal of an investment plan is to accumulate assets while mitigating risk. We can help endowments and foundations determine realistic return expectations and risk assumptions before introducing them to a disciplined investment management approach. 

We start with an analysis of existing conditions, including the spending formula, allocations of assets, investment policy statement, manager lineup, custodian, and the expenses of the portfolio. Our analysis can either validate the existing asset allocation or suggest a strategy that may be more efficient. The analysis may also help communicate to the board members the risk and return characteristics of different asset mixes and the benefits of diversification. 

We provide ongoing monitoring of fund performance in person at quarterly reviews and manager searches are organized and conducted in close communication with the committee as needed. Additionally, expenses and fees are benchmarked against peers to ensure costs are reasonable.